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VIDI Smart Glasses

What is VIDI Smart Glasses?

VIDI Smart Glasses is a 1-A class medical device designed for the treatment of amblyopia in children by the method of occlusion. It is an effective, convenient and stylish alternative to the ordinary occluders, most of which have many drawbacks. Vidi Smart Glasses, unlike ordinary occluders, operate, periodically closing the dominant eye. This type of occlusion helps the amblyopic eye to function and develop while protecting the dominant eye from the reverse amblyopia.



What is the principle of the VIDI Smart Glasses?

The basic principle of the VIDI Smart Glasses is the periodic closure of the dominant eye due to the work of liquid crystals, which makes the lazy eye work properly.

Occlusion works in three modes:

  • 1st mode = 20 seconds of occlusion in a minute (20/60)
  • 2nd mode = 30 seconds of occlusion in a minute (30/60)
  • 3rd mode = 40 seconds of occlusion in a minute (40/60)

It is very important to use Vidi Smart Glasses under the periodic supervision of your ophthalmologist. The device can be used with prescription optical lenses if necessary.


Clever occlusion of the VIDI Smart Glasses

Have you ever encountered a problem when a child, who was prescribed to use an occluder, took it off or peeked with a healthy eye from under the glasses? This can be solved with the help of "clever occlusion":

1. You will not have to force the child to use the mechanical occlusion. Your child will perceive occlusion as a natural process.

2. Your child won't need an eye patch.

3. Because your child's eye will not be mechanically closed, the tear circulation will continue in normal mode, and the risk of bacterial formation will be eliminated.

4. This method will keep various types of eye allergies away.

5. Amblyopia may develop in the dominant eye when it is closed with a bandage or an ordinary occluder. This will not happen with VIDI Smart Glasses, as it is possible for the healthy eye to periodically work even when another eye is in priority.

6. Due to the special liquid crystal display VIDI can gradually increase the closing time, which makes it easier for your child to adapt. He / she will be able to engage in his / her day-to-day activities on a par with other children.


How to use?

  • VIDI Smart Glasses need to be charged every 3-4 days.
  • Switching on: By pressing the POWER button, with the LED light blinking blue once.
  • Switching off: By pressing and holding the POWER button for 3 seconds, the LED light blinks three times before turning off.
  • Right / left occlusion selection: When the MODE button is being pressed for 6 seconds the LCD screen flashes 3 times in front of the selected eye, thus choosing the side of the occlusion. The selected mode is stored in the memory of the glasses until it is changed.
  • VIDI smart glasses have an extra frame for using it if needed with the ordinary optical lenses. Optical lenses are installed in the additional frame by the optician according to the corresponding prescription of the ophthalmologist, after which they can be used together with VIDI glasses.
  • VIDI smart glasses can be used while playing games, studying, using computer or watching TV the same way as regular glasses are used.
  • The duration of daily use of the VIDI Smart Glasses should be determined by your ophthalmologist.

Unique properties

1. Effectiveness of the occlusion. Blocks 99.7% of the visible light spectrum.

2. Homogeneity of the occlusion. All areas are closed the same way.

3. Specular coating. No one will notice the occlusion of one eye.

4. Pulsating mode. Equal efficiency of occlusion all the time.

5. Automatic increase of occlusion time. Help your child to adapt to the glasses and treatments better.

6. Management of the microprocessor. All actions are performed by the system automatically.

7. Built-in memory. Saves software management settings and running time.

8. Selection of right / left eye occlusion. Just by using the button.

9. Easy to use.

10. ON / OFF button (power)

11. Select MODE.

12. Reliable software.

13. Informing through various LEDs.

14. Choice of color: white frame / pink earpiece; white frame / blue earpiece.

15. Lightweight design.

16. Reliable production.

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