04 - 06 - 2023

Right care


Prepare the materials required for the lens care. 
Provide a clean smooth surface. While carrying out the procedures above the sink plug the drain. 
Thoroughly wash and rinse your hands. 
To avoid confusion it is recommended to always start with a certain lens - usually with the right one.

Step 1: Cleaning the lens
- Fill the lens storage case cells with universal solution. 
- Remove the lens from the right eye and put it on the open palm of the hand. 
- Drip a few drops of the universal solution on the lens. 
- With your index finger gently smudge the solution on both surfaces of the lens.

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LENS CLEANING provides the removal of deposits and plaque from the surfaces of the lenses.

FLUSHING the lens after cleaning provides the extraction of the removed deposits and plaque.

DISINFECTION of the lenses every time after taking out from the eye ensures the destruction of microorganisms that cause irritation and inflammation.

Step 2: Lens rinsing - when cleaning the lenses rinse them thoroughly with a continuous stream of pure universal solution to remove all impurities.

Step 3: Disinfection of the lenses

- Put the lens in the appropriate slot of the lens storage case. 
- Fully immerse the lens into the universal solution. 
- Close the lid and repeat all three procedures listed above with the second lens. 
- Leave the lenses in the case overnight or not less than for 4 hours. 
- After disinfection remove the lenses from their case and put them into your eyes (flushing is not required). 
- Then pour out an old solution and flush the case with a fresh one. Close the lid. The lens storing case is ready for the next usage.

Weekly enzyme cleaning
Enzyme treatment is used to remove protein deposits and provides transparency of the lenses and ease of using them. 
- Wash both cells of the lens storing case with a universal solution. 
- Fill both cells of the lens storing case with a clean solution. 
- Dissolve tablets for protein deposits removal in the cells. One tablet per each cell.
- Remove, clean and wash the lenses in the usual way and then put them in the corresponding cells. 
- Fully immerse the lenses into the solution. 
- Tighten the caps, slightly shake the case and soak the lenses in the solution for 5 minutes. Heavily contaminated lenses require longer soaking but not more than 2 hours.
- Remove the lenses from their case, clean and wash them with the universal solution as usually. 
- Empty the case from the remains of the old solution and thoroughly rinse it with a fresh one. 
- Fill both cells of the lens carrying case with fresh solution. 
- Place the lenses into the case and disinfect them in usual order. After the disinfection lenses can be put into the eyes.

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