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Astigmatism - a very common pathology refractive errors associated with the irregular shape of the cornea or lens. The literal translation of the name of this disease is Greek for "failure to connect the eye at one point falling beams on it." (from the Greek word "stigme" - a point). As a result, one sees the surrounding objects distorted, blurred, and straight lines - curved.


The cornea and lens of a normal healthy eye has a smooth spherical surface. In astigmatism of spherical disrupted, it has a different curvature in different directions: more dense in one direction and convex in another, such as Uzbek melon-torpedo. Thus, passing through the distorted lens of the cornea, or light rays are focused on the retina is not at one point, but in several. Therefore, the image perceived by the eye clearly. Usually, astigmatism is combined with either myopia (myopic astigmatism) or farsightedness (hyperopic astigmatism).

What types of astigmatism are there?

As with any illness, to a lesser degree may also exist in the normally functioning eye. And here is the strong degree of astigmatism is seriously upset vision and eliminated by using the appropriate points.

Astigmatism is farsighted, nearsighted, and even the combined: on one axis farsighted, on the other - short-sighted. There is a mixed astigmatism, combining elements of nearsightedness and farsightedness. In this part of the light is concentrated to the retina, and some - for her.


Who is affected by astigmatism?

Suffer from astigmatism, both adults and children.

The peculiarity of this disease is its genetic nature, ie, in most cases, astigmatism is hereditary and is innate.

Found and acquired astigmatism. It most often develops after trauma or surgery on the eyes because of the serious scarring in the cornea.


How to diagnose astigmatism?

Small degree of astigmatism in most cases, people simply do not notice it. See everything in a slightly blurred as is the norm for him, and he could not speculate on what is actually an image should be more clear. Most often detected astigmatism because of headaches that occur at elevated pressure on the eye while working at the computer or reading. If the visual load you get the feeling that seeing double, then it is likely that you suffer from astigmatism.


How to get rid of astigmatism?

Glasses and contact lenses do not treat astigmatism, they just correct vision.
Completely eliminate the astigmatism is through surgery.

There are several different kinds of operations on how to eliminate astigmatism.

TERMOKERATOKOAGULATION. The operation is performed for correcting farsighted astigmatism. This thermal cautery of the peripheral zone of the cornea heated metal needle. When touching with the curvature of the cornea increases, and thus increases its refractive power.

KERATOTOMY. This operation is used for short-sighted or mixed astigmatism. This application of non-through cuts in the cornea to reduce index for enhanced axis.

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