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CVS or computer eye syndrome

CVS or computer eye syndrome

Human vision is formed in the course of a long evolution was not enough adapted to the long visual work with a computer image.
The wide spread of computers has caused a number of health complaints, and most PC users have their number on the diseases of the eye.


When working at a computer person may experience some rejection of sensations, which are called computer visual syndrome (computer vision syndrome). This term is defined by a set of complaints for the organs of vision, fatigue, pain in the cervical vertebrae in people spending a long time before the monitor. And the greatest burden falls on the eye, as the view through a man receives 90% of the information. These complaints include blurred vision, slow refocusing from near objects to distant, burning and a feeling of sand in the eyes, pain in the eye sockets and forehead. These phenomena are united by the term "asthenopia" (t.e.otsutstvie power view). These complaints occur in a significant percentage of users, depending on the time of continuous operation, and on its haraktera.Menee load is read from the display of information, a load - it input. The most common causes fatigue, work on-line and computer graphics. The reason for this state is a feature of the image on the monitor when the letters, numbers and drawings are not made nepreryanyh lines, both on paper and of the individual dots (pixels), to the same glowing and flickering. Clear boundaries on these points are, therefore, marks and lines less contrast than in the book.

Manufacturers of monitors are actively working to create a safe and health monitors. Thanks to their efforts and increasing sanitary requirements, new monitors with a greater degree of protection and, consequently, with less impact on nablagopriyatnym eyes, so that modern monitors usually do not require the installation of protective dopolntielnogo ekrana.Na body operator has also vozdeytsvie electromagnetic radiation. Diagnostics performed on the electron - cathode ray tubes are the source of soft X-ray, ultraviolet, infrared, and ultra-low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. But, if they meet the State Standards (which is usually the case), then these radiation should not adversely affect the human body. In addition, the World Health Organization has confirmed the absence of vziamosvyazi between exposure to electromagnetic radiation and cancer incidence of PC users, or cardiovascular zaboleaniyami.

You can consider it established that the main influence on the PC user has no electromagnetic radiation, and intense visual work with the monitor. Moreover, visual discomfort is manifested not only when using the display on a cathode - ray tubes, but may also occur in the case of LCD and CRT displays.

How to deal with CVS? The recommendations of the majority of doctors are reduced to the limit of the computer, which, unfortunately, sometimes it is completely unenforceable.

The real way to deal with the visual fatigue is controlled workstation lighting, ergonomic principles to the correct equipment and optimal vision correction (myopia or hyperopia t.e.korrektsiya taking into account the astigmatic component).

In addition to Dioptric correction may play an important role specially coated glass lenses. If a person works in covering conventional incandescent lamps and the presence of a window through which you can adjust the lighting of the workplace, then it can be recommended coatings. Due to their deposition quality of lenses as a means of vision correction - increases light transmission, and they become almost invisible and the user gets rid of the clutter. If the workstation is illuminated fluorescent lighting, it is desirable to use other than anti-reflective coating, UV and short wavelength cutoff of the blue emission spectrum spektra.V used in most offices, fluorescent light is present over-blue short-wave radiation, which has an increased ability to rasseivaniyu.Siny light affects the ability of the eye to focus, and lighting jobs like fluorescent sources is the cause of 30% of complaints about vision on the part of PC users. Glasses with such a filter increases the chromatic contrast and color, reduce the "pixel" of the image on the screen, make the image on the retina is sharper and contrast, correcting the emission spectrum of the monitor to the maximum spectral sensitivity of the photoreceptors of the eye, reducing the detection time signal, "cut out" of the short-hard spectrum, negative impact on the optical media's eyes.

In PC users who use correction contact lenses, there is another problem: the number and nature of the visual load iomu help the person sitting in front of the monitor flickers less, resulting in less wetted mucous lacrimal fluid, less hydrated lens, less oxygen gets to the cornea, a sense of "dry eye." In this case for wetting lenses can recommend the use of special moisturizing drops or artificial tears.

You have not yet escaped from the monitor screen?
Of course, in modern life it is indispensable, and, following simple rules, you can avoid these problems.

The material was prepared with the assistance of the leading doctor of medical laboratory contact correction of vision "OKO-PLUS"
Panasenko Galina Mikhailovna.

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