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  • Wash your hands thoroughly before putting on and removing the lens;
  • Do it on a smooth surface where the lens can’t be damaged if it falls in the drain sink;
  • Always try to put on the right lens first to avoid confusion;
  • Hold the lens with fingertips and avoid touching the nails;
  • Wipe the lens line (back and forward), rather than circular motions.

Before wearing lenses:

  • Check the lens to be sure that it is hydrated, transparent and free from any cracks or breaks;
  • Ensure that the lens is not turned inside out (if the edges of the lens are turned out  than it means that the lens is turned inside out).

If you accidentally turned the lens inside out, it means that the necessity of its removal can be determinate by one of the next sings.

The lens is:

  • Less convenient;
  • Is being felt like a foreign body;
  • Significantly moves while blinking.


Make sure that the soap, cosmetics and other chemicals do not affect the lens. Do not use the eye drops during lens wearing, unless they are specifically appointed for use them with contact lenses (contact your ophthalmologist for advice). Do not use any inner eye drops during lens wearing, if only they are not prescribed by an ophthalmologist. Lenses must be disinfected daily or after each wearing. If for any reason lenses are not been wearing every day, they should be stored in a portable case and the frequency of disinfection should be checked with your doctor. Do not wear soft contact lenses while working in an atmosphere with the presence of toxic or irritating fumes and vapors. If you experience unusual irritation, immediately remove lenses and consult your ophthalmologist who had prescribed them.