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About us

Medical Center "Laboratory of biomedical sensorics & vision correction "EYE-PLUS" – caring for the quality of vision for the whole family


We receive up to 90% of information about the surroundings through our vision. Our eyes give us the ability to distinguish up to one million colours, can warn us about the danger and help us to recognize our loved ones. Visual impairment should not be the reason to give up on your favorite hobbies. With the help of the modern methods of treatment that are offered by our Medical Center you can return clarity and vivid colors back into your life.

Starting from 2007 more than 4000 families have been trusting the Medical Center “Laboratory of biomedical sensorics & vision correction “EYE-PLUS” with their eye health. We welcome both adults and children, and we take care of each and one of them.


Our advantages:

Professionalism and versatility. All our doctors have a specialization in adult and pediatric ophthalmology. Each doctor can become a family doctor and observe all generations of patients ‒ from the youngest to the elderly ones. Certified specialists in laser treatment of retina, glaucoma and secondary cataracts work in our center.
The work experience of the doctors – from 10 to 30 years.

Expertise and delicacy. People often come to us to get a second opinion about the need for serious surgical intervention. After a thorough examination we give a detailed conclusion. If therapeutic treatment alone is enough or the surgery can be postponed, we will definitely inform you about it.

High-end equipment and safety. The medical equipment in "EYE-PLUS" is selected with consideration of the global standards of quality in the diagnosis and treatment of the organ of vision. All equipment regularly undergoes metrological verification. You can be sure of the accuracy of your diagnosis and the safety of the treatment.

Transparency. You will be informed in detail why and how any of the diagnostic or treatment procedures are carried out. No "extra" manipulations. Control of the treatment at each stage.

Complex approach. Complex examination programs were developed, with each doctor knowing all diagnostic methods. It is enough to come into one office and get a full diagnosis and treatment plan.

Timely recommendations for the selection of optical correction. You will always get help in choosing the optimal optical correction to improve the quality of your vision (contact lenses or glasses), receive full information about which option is more suitable and why, how to take care of it.

Comfort. Cozy rooms, caring medical staff, admission by appointment and in emergency cases ‒ without a queue, an electronic medical card and a doctor who knows your medical history thoroughly.

Special prices and offers. A complex survey program is always more profitable for a customer than a set of researches. You get 40% discount for a second appointment.

Licensing. All work is carried out in accordance with licensing conditions and orders of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

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Our services:

1. Consultation of the ophthalmologist and complex diagnostics for the prevention and treatment of glaucoma, secondary cataract, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, retinal diseases.

For adults and children. With a narrow and wide pupil:

  • Checking visual acuity with correction.
  • Retinoscopy and skiascopy ‒ diagnosis of vision with the help of a skiascope.
  • Biomicroscopy ‒ examination of the anterior segment of the eye using a slit lamp (ophthalmic diagnostic microscope).
  • Autorefractokeratometry ‒ computer diagnostics of vision.
  • Ophthalmoscopy ‒ examination of the fundus.
  • Indirect biomicrophthalmoscopy ‒ examination of the fundus by means of a slit lamp and diagnostic lenses (non-contact).
  • Optical coherence tomography ‒ layered examination of the reticular membrane, the optic nerve, the cornea and the anterior chamber angle.
  • Gonioscopy ‒ examination of the anterior chamber angle in glaucoma.
  • Computer perimetry ‒ examination of the field of vision.
  • Computer pneumotonometry ‒ measurement of the intraocular pressure.
  • Ultrasonic echobiometry, linear and volumetric (A- and B-scan) ‒ determination of the anatomical dimensions of the eyeball and the presence of the altered tissue on the eyeball.
  • Definitions of the angle of strabismus and the nature of vision (children and adults).

2. Laser treatment:

Laser coagulation of the retina, curative and preventive, in case of tears, degenerations of the retina, diabetes mellitus (laser with a wavelength of 532 nm).

  • YAG-laser capsulotomy ‒ treatment of secondary cataract (laser with a wavelength of 1064 nm).
  • YAG-laser iridotomy ‒ treatment of the closed-angle glaucoma.
  • Laser trabeculoplasty ‒ treatment for the open-angle glaucoma.

3. Wide selection of the soft contact lenses and glasses.

You have to make only one step towards a better vision!


Sign up for a consultation with the medical center "EYE-PLUS" by phone numbers:

  • 152A, Borshchagivska St.: 044-453-16-11, 067-453-16-11
  • 25, Vadyma Hetmana St.: 044-457-67-55, 073-457-67-55

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