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New lenses can automatically focus on the objects, both close and remote, and not to wear out over time

The professor of engineering Hongrui Jiang from University of Wisconsin (USA) has created a self-correcting contact lens, which can eliminate the need for bifocal and trifocal contact lenses and even the laser corrective surgery.

«We hope that this technology will be the best way to restore a youthful vision for the older people, ― says Jiang. ― Our design is based on the array of miniature sensors that allow you to see clearly even...



Self-control of the condition of your retina can prevent blindness in diabetes

Diabetic rethinopathy is one of complications (or rather demonstrations) of diabetes, that can ultimetly lead to the complete loss of vision (blindness). Patients with diabetes have high level of glucose in the blood which has damaging effects on the vascular walls, including retina, that is being demonstrated in their fragility, that is the reason of often hemorrhages. According to available data people with diabetes during 5-10 years, retinal lesions are being observed in 40-80% cases, and with duration of deseise more than 15 years - in 87-99% cases.


Eyes are going to replace passwords for the sites

Portable iris scanner named “EyeLock” works even through the eyeglasses lenses.

To enter the sites can be done in a flash. Hoyos Group presented a portable iris scanner named “EyeLock”, CNN reports about. The novelty eliminates the need to remember network passwords and increases the personal data safety. The devise that has the same parameters as the business card remands the flash card. All you need is to install the program into your computer and decide what sites EyeLock is going to defense. These may be, for example, Facebook, Gmail, PayPal or internet banking. After performing these simple actions, in the future you may enter the selected sites just by scanning the iris. This gadget works even through the eyeglasses lenses. For the Facebook entrance you may use only your vision.



Firm Cantor & Nissel released a contact lens to correct color anomalies.

As you know, 8% of men and 0.5% of women suffer from the abnormal color perception. The firm Cantor & Nissel has released a contact lens Chroma Gen with a built in gaploskopicheskim filter. Gaploskopic filter changes the intensity, saturation and brightness of the colors to distinguish colors, which the patient could not see before. The use of these lenses can solve many problems of the eyes colored anomaly people that are related to the profession, work, driving a car. The diagnostic system usually consists of 25 types of filters. Usually, in order to achieve the desired result, only one filter is needed. The lens is made of a material Benz-G-5X 55%. Without diopters.


Doctor said that you have glaucoma. What's next?

What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a chronic, progressive eye disease. Glaucoma is manifested by increased intraocular pressure which is finally lead to irreversible vision loss. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.

Why the glaucoma rises, which contributes to its occurrence?
still do not know exactly why a person has glaucoma. At the same time established a number of factors that increase the... Read more...


Rest Terminator

The first prototype contact lens with built-in virtual display and electronics where showed by the scientists at Washington University. Their report on the 21 th IEEE International Conference on microelectromechanical systems, which took place in mid-January, a Tucson, Arizona, has caused the great interest of the specialists. The prototype includes a simple electronic circuit and a small matrix of LEDs, which, however, does not work . Guinea pigs have worn these lenses for 20 minutes without any unpleasant consequences. The prototype does not correct vision, but obtains the necessary of dioptries correction is not difficult.


UV radiation and contact lenses

Compelling experimental and epidemiological evidence suggests that the radiation of the sun UV range (in particular in the spectrum) that a person provokes the development of climatec dropelet keratopathy and some forms of cataract. Most modern glass lenses provide adequate protection against harmful UV-B radiation. However, no hats higer than sunglasses do not provide the same adequate protection from peripheral light rays reflected or actions. This is explained by the fact that hats and sunglasses do not prevent the ingress of UV - rays nizhnenazalny quadrant (they wear can reduce the exposure on a tangent). That is explained that the hats and sunglasses with a seal at the periphery of the best way to protect eyesight from the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Soft contact lenses that absorb UV radiation spectrum, to protect the entire surface of the cornea and thereby protect the internal structures of the eye. This level of protection equivalent to the protective effects of ski sunglasses and eyeglasses adjacent form, echoing the contours of the face.

The conjunctiva of the eyeball and eyelids remain unprotected skin is the use of soft contact lenses, peripheral parts of the cornea and intraocular structures in a very limited extent protected when using rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Most contact lenses are transparent in the visible spectrum and does not perform a protective function under intense UV irradiation of a narrow band of bright and blinding polychromatic radiation. Contact lenses that absorb UV range, can not be regarded as a complete replacement of other methods of protection under the additional effect of occupational hazard, but they are an alternative means of protection in situations where the use of special sunglasses impossible.

Use contact lenses in any way should not be construed to exclude other forms of protection. The use of contact lenses that absorb UV-B rays in combination with traditional methods provides a robust level of protection Bole.

/ The magazine "Modern optometry" № June 2007 /


Maintain a healthy lifestyle - do not forget about healthy eating

In a recent study found that between the consumption of fish dishes, and healthy condition of the eye there is a direct link.

Eating fish dishes at least one once a week reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration by 40%. Salmon - a good source of omega-3 - polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are very useful for the organ of vision. We should not forget the spinach and other green leafy vegetables that contain lutein - means the development of preservative-related macular degeneration

Smoking uvelechivaet increases the risk of macular degeneration and atrophy of the optic nerve.

With age the risk of eye disease increases, so older people should be regularly instructing doctor - ophthalmologist - at least once a year. People who have a predisposition to this disease, like diabetes, should be examined by an ophthalmologist twice a year. If a family can be traced a steady history of eye diseases, visit an ophthalmologist should be a regular.

The genetic characteristics of people of different races have an impact on the occurrence of eye disease - occurs more often in white age-related macular degeneration in people over blacks often diagnosed glaucoma.

Use sunglasses to protect eyes from UV rays, exposure to which increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

Contact lens users should use sunglasses, even if their contact lenses have UV protection.


Oily fish is good for the vision of future child

The inclusion of oily fish in the diet of pregnant women is beneficial to the visual acuity of the child. According to scientists from the University of Bristol, the reason for that is the substance found in fish fat.Oni accelerate maturation of the baby's brain. The components that were so important to the child, is a fatty acid necessary for the growth of nerve cells. They sodeozhatsya to only fish, but also in breast moloke. But they are not the part of even the best artificial mixtures. Also it is known that fatty fish protects adults from the insult. Contained in these fatty acids inhibit platelet adhesion and clogging the arteries of the brain

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