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Myopia. The treatment of myopia.

Myopia – is the lack of eye refractive power, in which the focus lies in front of the retina. In myopia details of distant objects are seen less than a closer. Short-sightedness can be compensated with a negative lens glasses, as well as surgically.

Currently myopia is common in all developed countries of the world. The first thought of the existence of short-sightedness Greek philosopher Aristotle in the IV century BC. He noticed that some people are hard to distinguish distant objects, and to better see, He shutteth his eyes. Aristotle called this phenomenon "miops," which in Greek means "to squint".

Today's eye doctors about this recall, and therefore prefer to use the term rather than short-sightedness "Myopia".


Causes of Myopia

The reasons for the development of nearsightedness (myopia) are:
- bad heredity,
- the primary weakness of accommodation, the weakening of the sclera,
- excessive strain on the eyes: reading in a moving vehicle or in the dark,
- birth trauma and brain injury;
- weakening or strain the eye muscles.

Even a minimal deformation of the cornea is a violation of sphericity.

Therefore, the progression of myopia and, therefore, pathological changes, which it is accompanied by a marked decrease in visual acuity.


Prevention of myopia

The most important thing - time to detect eye problems. From early childhood, should undergo an annual eye exams, and in the presence of myopia should immediately proceed to its treatment. It is also important to observe the rules of visual hygiene, alternate work with rest, to do special exercises to train the muscles of the eyes, to carry out restorative procedures. In many countries, nearsightedness is the problem of hygiene. Compliance with the rules of visual hygiene is to create a proper hygienic conditions for employment, which means good lighting, near work at least 30 cm

must also conduct a general health improvement: the treatment of chronic diseases, increasing physical activity.


What is the risk of myopia

Because of the stress short-sighted human eye causing severe headaches, he gets tired quickly. The most severe consequence of myopia - retinal detachment. In this vision begins to fall sharply and may even come complete blindness.

Since the short-sighted person sees distant objects is bad, he is disturbed night vision: in the evening it is difficult to navigate short-sighted people in the street and driving.


Treatment of myopia

Treatment of myopia is aimed at stopping the pathological process, prevention and treatment of complications, correction of refractive errors.
We can say that there are three main ways of correcting myopia: glasses, contact lenses and surgical operations, of which the most progressive - laser. Glasses and contact lenses, of course, the disease will not help, but it will help people see better and slow the deterioration of vision. Do not expect that the glasses you will have the eagle vigilance. Glasses and lenses is selected so that people could see them (the maximum), the eighth row in the table. Surgical treatment - the only way to fully restore vision in myopia, to stop the progressive lengthening of the eyeball and to prevent all sorts of complications. But this method has its own characteristics, which we advise to read the article "On the question of laser vision correction."
In severe progressive myopia physician may designate an additional course of vitamins and medicines that improve the nutrition of the retina.

Drug treatment can be divided into:
- drugs that affect the accommodation (1% solution mezatona);
- tools that promote the sclera ( calcium gluconate, ascorbic acid);
- drugs that improve blood circulation (nicotinic acid, trentap);
- drugs that increase metabolism in the retina (the injection of ATP solution, the solution taufon, aloe).

courses of treatment carried out two times a year.

to physiotherapy treatment methods include electrophoresis and phonophoresis on inflammatory mixtures, electrical stimulation and laser stimulation of ciliary muscle (indirectly through the limbal vasculature.) < br />
Good results give acupuncture and manual therapy.

Surgical treatment is aimed at preventing the progression of myopia and refractive error correction. Keratotomy - an operation in which cause non-through radial slits along the periphery of the cornea. Due to them under the influence of intraocular pressure flattens the cornea and refractive power decreases.

skleroukreplyayuschih meaning of operations is that the posterior pole of the eye injected substance which retards the growth of the eyeball in length, and the conditions for revascularization of the sclera.
These operations are used in cases where myopia up to 6.0 diopters or more, and the eyeball is clearly increased in size.

The most recent achievements include refractive surgery, excimer laser surgery: photorefractive keratectomy (ablation of the surface layers of the cornea) and Lasik (kerotomilez excimer laser). This is accompanied by a decrease to 12.0 diopters of myopia.

happens that stops the progression of nearsightedness in the patient is alone, without any outside influences.

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