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Conjunctivitis - an eye disease caused by inflammation of the thin transparent layer of cells that protect the cornea. It is also called conjunctiva. Hence the matter and the name of the disease.


What types of conjunctivitis are found?

Doctors distinguish acute and chronic conjunctivitis. Symptoms is the severity of age, burning, tearing, photophobia, mucous discharge from the eyes. Conjunctivitis may also be allergic.


What are the causes and ways to prevent disease?

Conjunctivitis may occur in polluted and dusty air, under the influence of chemical impurities. There's even a term "basin" conjunctivitis. The disease can occur also in the intense visual work in the case of hyperopia and astigmatism. Chances of conjunctivitis in diseases of the eyelids and lacrimal system, chronic diseases of the nose and nasopharynx. Prevention, respectively, is early detection and isolation of patients, careful observance of the sick persons and their surrounding good personal hygiene and asepsis. It is beneficial to the prevention and treatment of conjunctivitis and the use of fat-soluble vitamin B.


Who is suffering from conjunctivitis?

Disease affects both adults and children. In children, chronic conjunctivitis usually occurs with multiple follicles in the lower crease of the transition (folliculosis). This is reflected in the fact that the child periodically "sour" eyes. Suffer from conjunctivitis and adults. Most often, the frequency of flare-up - 3-4 times a year.


What is conjunctivitis medication?

We recommend an injection of gamma globulin to 2-3 ml, or under the conjunctiva of 0.5 ml. Results should be done 3-5 injections at intervals of 2 - 3 days. This is the most radical method of treatment.

Perhaps instillation into the eyes of 0.1-0.5% solution of DNA-ase, interferon and its derivatives, for ever and laying of 0.5% tebrofenovoy ointment 3-4 times a day. Acute infectious conjunctivitis quickly cured by frequent instillation (6-8 times per day), sulfonamides (20% solution of sodium sulfatsila) together with one of the antibiotics (0.3% solution of gentamicin, ciprofloxacin 0.3% solution, 1% solution of tobramycin) or antiseptics (0.05% solution piklosidina hydrochloride).

Treatment of conjunctivitis allergic etiology was carried out using a complex local therapy, including antihistamines. Full recovery occurs after 2 weeks of treatment, but often in the past.


Is there a popular treatment for conjunctivitis?

Some pediatricians recommend the use of ordinary soap with no additives. They lather eyes, and then washed well with water from the outer to the inner eye. This procedure is carried out in the morning and evening.

А half-tablet of furatsilin dissolved in water and washed polstakane often.

You can do things like massage, and, as himself, and his child. To do this, the index or middle finger razogrevatesya under running hot water. Next feels the inner edge of the eye a little bump and gently massaged in circles. This is a tear duct, so with the help of massage, it is washed.

But milk, even the breast, nor myself, nor the child can not be instilled in the eye. This is the most fertile ground for bacteria!

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