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Squint or strabismus (Greek strabismos, from strabos - curve, mowing) - is the loss of the bipolar view. Strabismus is actually a deviation of the visual axis of one of his eyes from the joint point of fixation.


Normally, both eyes focus on one point, but pass on the brain image from his point of view. The brain combines the two images. This mechanism allows us to give volumetric basis, it appears to consciousness. Strabismus is caused by malfunction of one or more eye muscles, which leads to an incorrect position glaz.Chtoby better understand how the eye works in conjunction with a brain, try to pull his hand in front of him and look at it, alternately closing one or the other eye. Notice how the hand changes its position. Although the images are slightly different from each other, with vision, two eyes the brain perceives them as one. If you squint images from the eye are perceived as different. Each eye has six muscles that work together to provide movement of the eyes. The brain controls all 12 muscles, and thus, both eyes look in the right direction. In order for the brain was able to combine two images into one, it is critical that all the muscles working in concert. There are paralytic strabismus caused by damage to the nerves that innervate the eye muscles, strabismus, and friendly, which can cause central nervous system diseases, infections, intoxication, trauma, refractive error, a sharp decrease in vision or blindness in one eye.

Causes of strabismus

Several causes of strabismus:

- The presence of the patient's innate high farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism;
- Trauma, certain diseases, ocular surgery;
- Violation of the innervation of the eye muscles.

In adults, strabismus is a sign of ghosting and headaches.

If your child demonstrates the following features of the behavior of the eye:

The deviation of the eyes, or nose to the temple;
- Tilt or rotate the position of the head;
- Squinting;

there is a high risk of strabismus and the need to immediately be examined by an ophthalmologist.


Hazards associated with strabismus

Strabismus - not only a serious cosmetic defect, but also the inability of the child in the future to choose a profession a surgeon, an artist, a professional driver and a number of other trades and professions.

Strabismus prevents the normal formation of the bulk of the first years of life. In addition, children may also develop tilt or rotate the head to compensate for squint and get rid of the ghosting.

If there is a squint, a child's brain begins to get two pictures that he can not compare to one. The brain reacts quickly to the suppression of one image to avoid ghosting and work with one. This is accomplished through inhibition of view of the squinting eye, making it a "lazy" or amblyopic. Therefore, treatment of strabismus should begin as soon as possible.


Treatment of strabismus

To treat strabismus should be in the early preschool years. The meaning remains to be treated 18-25 years, when there is the completion of the organ of vision. The method of treatment of strabismus depends on the patient's age, cause of strabismus, the parties and the degree of deviation. Methods of treatment include: sealing, wearing glasses, special classes in visual simulators operation.

Sealing - closing working fine eye for a long period of time. Thus, the brain child forced to work with the worst eye. Over time, the brain gets used to work with the weak eye and vision gradually improves. The earlier treatment is started, the more effective this method.

In concomitant strabismus was originally assigned to wear glasses. If the constant wearing of glasses for 6-12 months, does not eliminate the deviation of the eyes, the patient shows an operation.

Surgical treatment is used to correct strabismus in children and adults. It can be done either under general or local anesthesia. There are several surgical techniques of correction of strabismus. Surgical intervention is either in a strong weakening of the muscles (the one toward which the eye is rejected), or amplification of the weak, that is the opposite muscles. In many cases resort to combined operations.

From other existing methods of treatment of strabismus can be identified:
Pleoptic treatment - is reinforced by the visual load on the squinting eye. It uses different methods of stimulation is worse seeing eye therapeutic laser, medical computer programs.

Orthoptic treatment - a treatment using synoptic apparatus and computer programs that restore the activity of binocular both eyes.

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